They Talk We Ride Hoodie

They Talk We Ride Hoodie


The most infamous design from the C.C.C on the hoodie. Often imitated, never matched & back in stock !

June 2023 - We just change our base for our Hoodies they are now, heavier and have a way nicer fit.

Cordless, Boxy, Slightly oversize & fitted to perfection, almost classified as Workwear since the fabric is heavy as hell and the making premium. Choose you regular Hoodie size for a Perfect Relaxed fit.

Made from Ultra Heavy 500g/m2 Organic Cotton Fabric and Screenprinted with love in Paris, by people who love reading internet dramas on forum. This one is made to last.

Screenprinted with thick White on Front, Back and Shoulder

- Fixed Gear nation will rise
- We will take over the world
- The street are ours
- wait....
- without cars it's no fun tho .....

They Talk We Ride Hoodie  Image 2 They Talk We Ride Hoodie  Image 3 They Talk We Ride Hoodie  Image 4
Courage x - Bullshit-Proof Vest
100.00 — Sold out
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